Sandesh with minty mango jelly.


This bengali sweet is so versatile, you can make varieties in terms of flavours taste and texture….
And mango season is here, so what could be better than some mangolicious sandesh.
Sandesh with some minty mango jelly..


2 litres cow milk, 1 cup powdered sugar, mango pulp from 2 mangoes, few mint leaves, 2 table spoin sugar, pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1 table spoon vinegar, 1/2 cup water, cardamom powder, rose water.


Keep the milk to boil , in the other hand take half cup water and vinegar. M8x together. When milk boils switch off the flame and slowly add water vinegar mixture to milk. Keep stirring till you chhena cuddles. Strain the chhena with the help of a muslun cloth. Pour some cold water to remove extra whey and vinegar. Now squeeze and let it hang for half an hour.

Mean while in a blender take mango pulp, lemon juice and some extracted mint juice from fresh mint leaves, 2 tbsp sugar and punch of salt, Blend till smooth.

In a pan take this mango mixture and cook on low. Kerp stirring till you get the jelly like texture. Keep it at rest. Let it cool at room temperature.

Now take chhena and power sugar. Mix well.

Heat a pan and add chhena sugar mix. Cook on low flame. Stir continuously for 5 to 7 minutes. Add cardamom powder and 1tsp rose water. Cook till you get a smooth dough like consistency. Remove from heat. Let it cool then knead. Knead for atleast 3 to 4 minutes. Now you will get a very smooth dough of chhena sandesh. Make small balls, press with your finger to make a small hole , later which you have to fill with mamgo jelly.

Keep these chhena balls in the refrigerator for half an hour then take it out and fill with mango jelly. Again keep them in the refrigerator fir half an hour before serving.

Your chhena sandesh with minty mango jelly is ready to be relished.

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