Ras kadam


Raskadam – sweet chhena balls coated with cardamom flavour mava and poppy seeds.
And If you have ever met a Bhagalpuri you must have heard about this delicious Raskadam named after a flower kadamb k phool.
So here I present my homemade Raskadam recipe.

Before making raskadam you need small Chuchum balls. For that you can follow my bengali chumchum recipe.http://www.perkyhomemaker.com/bengali-chumchum-chomchom/

Next you need some roasted poppy seeds, 1/2 kg mava, 4 tbsp powder sugar, cardamom powder.

In a pan take mava, sugar and cardamom powder, cook till you get nice aroma of coiked mava. Cook on low flame otherwise mava can get loose its texture. Remove from heat and let it cool at room temperature. Then take chhena balls coat with prepared mava mixture and coat this with roasted poppy seeds. Keep it in the refrigerator for atleast an hour to set properly. After that you can serve this delectable raskadam.

You can make this for your Diwali sweet platter. Everyone will surely love this mava coated chumchum.


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