whole wheat banana and dates cake.

A quick and easy recipe which gives light, soft and moist cake. I love adding fruits to my cake and banana cake is one of my favourites. And because I am on a diet and cannot have sugar and all purpose flour so I thought of making this sugarfree whole wheat banana cake. And because […]

Aquafaba & strawberry frozen dessrt .

You love to have desserts but aren’t allowed because of many health issues. Now there is a perfect solution for your sugar tooth , and that is totally healthy and guiltfree. Aquafaba is the answer. This boil chickpea water is the great vegan substitute for egg and cream. Just few ingredients are enough. Here I […]

Raddish, carrot & coconut Stew.

This simple and humble stew can be a great side dish for your heavy meals. Ingredients 2 raddish.( washed and thin sliced) 2 carrots.( washed and thin sliced) Some raddish greens (chopped) 1/2tsp paanch foran. 1 chopped green chillies. Salt as per taste. Half cup Fresh grated coconut .(desicated coconut can also be used) Asofetida(hing) […]

Instant lauki halwa/ bottle gourd halwa./Dudhi halwa.

You don’t need to wait for any occasion to indulge in this delicious lauki/dudhi halwa, which you can make just like that. This simple and easy to make dessert can definitely impress anyone. Ingredients 1 medium size lauki/dudhi/bottle gourd. 2 cups milk, 2 to 3 table spoon sugar(use as per your taste) 1 table spoon […]

Apple & mint raita.

Raita is a traditional condiment of India that helps cool your palate. There are variations, of course, from region to region. Here I present a simple yet flavourful apple & mint raita, which can be accompanied with any type of paratha or pury. Ingredients .1 big apple or 2 small apples. 1 cup fresh yoghurt.,1 tsp – roasted cumin […]

Orange flavoured maalpua

Fusion recipes are fun to experiment….And I always love to experiment fusion. Here I present our beloved maalpua in a new avtaar. Orange maalpua. Trust me it was delicious with just a litlle hint of tangyness. Ingredients :: maida(all purpose flour)- 1 cup, 2 table spoon rice flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 […]