Bihari sattu kachori.

Sattu ki kachori a tasty delicacy and a famously known breakfast street food from Bihar . These delicious kachori goes well with pickle and potato curry. Ingredients For dough 2 cups whole wheat flour. (all purpose flour can also be used). 2 table spoon oil or ghee. 1/3 tsp ajwain seeds. 1/4 tsp mangrail ( […]

whole wheat banana and dates cake.

A quick and easy recipe which gives light, soft and moist cake. I love adding fruits to my cake and banana cake is one of my favourites. And because I am on a diet and cannot have sugar and all purpose flour so I thought of making this sugarfree whole wheat banana cake. And because […]

Aquafaba & strawberry frozen dessrt .

You love to have desserts but aren’t allowed because of many health issues. Now there is a perfect solution for your sugar tooth , and that is totally healthy and guiltfree. Aquafaba is the answer. This boil chickpea water is the great vegan substitute for egg and cream. Just few ingredients are enough. Here I […]

Pumpkin & red bell pepper gazpacho (chilled soup)

This tasty and healthy soup recipe is easy to prepare and make for good brunch or lunch/dinner starter. Very few ingredients and you can make a delicious soup in no time. For two people:- Ingredients Pumpkin – 200gm Red bell pepper -1 Onion -1 Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves Salt – as per taste […]

Red amarnath leaves(lal saag) and multi daal mix tadka.

Amaranth Leaves: A Powerhouse of Iron, Vitamins and Minerals. There are many ways we cook amarnath leaves. Here I present multi daal mix tadka with red amarnath. This super healthy leafy vegitable has its own kind of earthy taste. Ingredients:- 4 to 5 types of lentils (daal) can be used. Whole green mung daal, yelliw […]

COTTAGE CHEESE CURRY IN A JIFFY (झटपट पनीर की सब्जी)

My kids are so fond of paneer(cottage cheese),that they enjoy every type of paneer ki sabji. Whether its soft velvety shahi paneer or paneer butter masala, spicy kadhayi paneer or the tangy paneer chilli etc.I feel very lucky because mostly they love to eat homemade. Every alternate day my elder one used to say”mumma paneer […]


Ingredients :- all purpose flour(मैदा) -1 cup Corn flour 2 table spoon. Sugar(चीनी) 1 table spoon. Baking powder 1 tea spoon. Vanila essence 1 tea spoon. Banana 3 or 4.(cut into small pieces) Oat 1 tablespoon. Oil for frying. Recipe:- mix all the ingredients then add water to make thick batter. (गाढा घोल तैयार कर […]

Mint flavour ragi nachos.

 After getting back from school, kids Always ask for something chatpata. But being a mom, my concern is to serve something healthy. So tried these nachos today, and guess what they liked it. Recipe: Ingredients: 1/2 cup corn meal. (makke ka aata) 1/2 cup all purpose flour(maida) 1/2 cup ragi flour 1/2 cup wheat flour(gehun […]