Bihari fish curry. (बिहारी फिश करी)

“aaj kya banaogi khane me?” :-My foodie husband .Me:”fish curry khaoge? ”
He:”why not”,”mustard gravy waali banao”
Here I present Bihari fish curry, in mustard gravy.
Ingredients(सामग्री) :1kg fish.
1 table spoon yellow mustard.
1/2 table spoon black mustard.
1 inch ginger, 3 to 4 green chillies.
2 table spoon garlic paste.
1 table spoon red chilli powder(as per
1 table spoon each coriander powder
and cumin powder.
2 table spoon turmeric powder.
1 tea spoon black pepper powder.
Salt and pinch of sugar.
Mustard oil. Paanch foran.chopped
coriander keaves
Method. (विधी) :-first clean it properly . Then merinate it with turmeric powder(हल्दी) , salt and garlic paste,red chilli powder. (लहसून पेस्ट) .make a thin paste of yellow and black mustard, black pepper, ginger and green chillies. And keep aside. .heat a pan and put mustard oil. Add a pinch of sugar. fry fish pieces till golden brown.
For gravy:- use the same oil used for frying.add paanch foran and let it crackle. Then add Garlic paste, coriander, cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder. Saute for a while. When the mixture releases oil then add adequate water (its up to your taste,the consistency of your gravy) .after a boil add salt, mustard paste and fried fish pieces to the gravy. Give a gentle stir. Then add some chopped coriander leaves. Let the gravy boil for a while and its done. Enjoy this scrumptious fish curry with plain steamed rice.

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